New Name, Same Blog

Dear Loyal Readers,

I trust that there are some of you out there, at least a small handful. I would certainly not blame you for giving up on this blog, what with it only putting up three posts in nine months. But I remain hopeful that I can get to it more regularly as administrative duties diminish over the coming months. For example… Stay tuned for the occasional update of my pending Charlemagne Tour! I’m co-leading a travel course during May 2014, taking 14 students and assorted other traveler-learners on an extended trip to places in Germany and France that can be associated with Charlemagne and the Carolingian dynasty. That should be fun, and I plan to share some of our adventures here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about the tenor I want this blog to have. I’ve never been fully satisfied with the name I gave it originally. My vision for this enterprise is that it have a professional, scholarly focus–no stories from the classroom or corridors unless they directly inspire my thoughts on the field I study. But I also want it to be a venue for thoughts in formation. So it should be a serious blog, but not one that diverges too much from my generally laid-back personality. I chose to name it “Somewhat Deep Thoughts” as a way to get that idea across. I wasn’t completely committed to the name then, and recently I’ve been thinking it should be called something else. The thoughts expressed so far are actually quite deep, at least in how they pertain to my work, and I intend to continue blogging along those lines. With that in mind, I’ve changed the title to “Mostly Medieval,” which shows my professional and scholarly orientation while leaving open the possibility of making the occasional post that does not deal directly with my research. Such a post might be about the May travel course, which will not result in any publications but is still academic in nature, or maybe recent developments at the college where I work that are appropriate to share.

I promise, no photos of cats, no bragging about kids, no blowing steam about things social or political. Everything will continue to be professional and academic, but from now on only “mostly” medieval.

Thanks for reading,